Mantaray Film

World Releases at GIFF

Mantaray Film presents two world premieres at GIFF:

Ninosca - The Woman and the Emigrant's song which is the third and last film in Peter Torbiörnsson's trilogy. A woman’s struggle for independence which requires her to face her past in the macho-culture of Central America.

Screenings at GIFF:
Sunday 26th January 5.30 PM at Capitol
Monday 27th January 1.45 PM at Göta 2
Tuesday 28th January 1.45 PM at Haga 1
Thursday 30th January 2.15 at Biopalatset 1

Capturing the Divine - with Natacha Atlas by Susanna Edwards, the film explores the impossible meeting between a stalker and her idol, between Susanna and Natacha Atlas.

Screenings at GIFF:
Wednesday 29th January 5.15 PM at Biopalatset 10
Thursday 30th January 1.15 PM at Biopalatset 10
Friday 31th January 1.15 PM at Biopalatset 2
Saturaday 1th February 12 PM at Haga 2

Programme and tickets: Göteborg Film Festival


Wonderful respons for Many Sides of Sara!

Gunilla Breskys wonderful film about the author and acivist Sara Lidman received great reviews in connection with the films theatrical release on November 8.
A special screening was organized at a small chapel in Missenträsk, the home area of Sara Lidman. The locals had gathered the amount of money needed in order to get electricity to the chapel.
The film will be screened at 45 cinemas all over Sweden! 
Read more about the film, the reviews and future screenings here

Galapremiere for Gunilla Breskys film about Sara Lidman

The Gala premiere of Gunilla Bresky's film about Sara Lidman is finally happening! Norrlandsoperans Symphony Orchestra has recorded the film music, composed by Johan Ramström which is now performed live for the film, under the direction of Peter Nordahl.

In the presens of the film team: Erik Vallsten, Fredrik Ydhag, Mikael Brodin, Ellinor Lindgren, Henny Mossberg, Malin Ackermann, Helena Weegar, Stina Gardell and Emma Sahlgren.

The film was developed with the support of the Swedish Arts Grants Committee and Region Norrbotten in collaboration with Filmpool Nord and SVT K-Special.

There are tickets to buy at Norrlandsoperan's website!


Josefin & Florin now in theaters!

Ellen Fiske and Joanna Karlberg's film about Josefin & Florin has finally premiered throughout the country. The film has received a warm reception and great reviews.

We are now hoping that everyone goes to see the film and that is contributes to many important discussions.

Read more about the film here



Åsa Ekman's film "A Mother's Comeback" from 2011 selected to this years addition of Milano International Ficts Fest.

Read more about the film here 


Mantaray Film releases two new films during 2019!

Mantaray Film will attend the autumn presentation 2019, held at the Swedish Film Institute on August 19, presenting two of the company's upcoming films.

First out JOSEFIN & FLORIN, a love story about a single mother from Sweden and a beggar from Romania who choose to defy all conventions and invest in love and a better life. Produced by Anna Weitz and directed by Joanna Karlberg and Ellen Fiske, the latter noted for her film "Scheme birds" with which she, along with colleague Ellinor Hallin, was awarded for best documentary and the Albert Maysle's new documentary director award. Domestic theatrical release on September 20.

Secondly, SARA, a film about the life and work of Sara Lidman, directed by Gunilla Bresky and produced by Stina Gardell.


Read more about JOSEFIN & FLORIN here

Read more about SARA here



THE CHOIR - a pitch-member of this year's Nordisk Forum

Amanda Pesikans film about Sweden's most famous choir, Tensta Gospel Choir, and the profound human need of union and spirituality in a secular time, has been selected to pitch at this years Nordisk Forum (2019).

Read more about the film here

Visit Nordisk Panorama for more information about the festival here



The shorter version of LIVING.LOVING on Swedish Television June 18th at 21:00!

The shorter version of Mette Aakerholm Gardell's film LIVING.LOVING on Swedish Television SVT1 June 18th at 21:00!

If you miss it, get a second chance at SVT-Play.


Get a preview of Josefin & Florin at Way Out West 2019!

Going to Way Out West? Don't miss the preview of Ellen Fiske and Joanna Karlberg's film about Josefin & Florin!


Read more about the film here!


This year's Edith-prize is awarded to Charlotte Landelius for the editing of Silvana!

This years's Edith prize, for best editing of a documentary film 2018, is awarded to Charlotte Landelius for Mantaray Film's documentary "Silvana".

The jury's motivation: "The editor demonstrates great musicality and has in an impressive way woven song lyrics, documentary scenes and home videos for emotion that vibrates. The result will be both near and grand."