Mantaray Film
The Writer - 10 Chapters with Joyce Carol Oates (WORKING TITLE)

One of the world’s greatest living writers takes us on a journey through landscapes, histories, and mythologies, celebrating the power of language and imagination.


The moving personal story about how the legendary film Death in Venice became a tragic trap for Björn Andrésen, who director Luchino Visconti declared "The Most Beautiful Boy In The World". 

Slab City - Children of the Wild

Through the eyes of the wild youth of Slab City we follow Kasey and her friends on their desert adventures. 

A Romanian street beggar and Swedish single mother cross cultural and family divides and beat back worldly pressures to locate a safe, loving home in one another.

Visual artist and director Maja Borg explores their Christian heritage by following various queer activists and the role BDSM plays for them in each of their personal and professional lives. The link between BDSM culture and Christianity, between sexuality and spirituality is clear and it goes by the name of PASSION.

The Choir

A film about Sweden's most famous choir, Tensta Gospel Choir, and the profound human need of union and spirituality in a secular time. 


NINOSCA - The return to San Fernando (working title)

NINOSCA - THE RETURN TO SAN FERNANDO is the third and last film of Peter Torbiörnsson's trilogy. A woman’s struggle for independence which requires her to face her past in the macho-culture of Central America.

Adil & The Spy

All Adil wanted was to take care of his family, but governing powers and the war against terrorism turned everything upside down. Adil and the Spy is a film about one man's unpredictable destiny captured by award-winning journalist Randi Mossige-Norheim and acclaimed director Johan Palmgren. 


Amanda is found guilty of a $22 million fraud and forgery. Who is Amanda and what made her cross the line? 


In Iran, a country where it is forbidden for women to sing in public, women's voices become a solitary sound that is never allowed to flourish. These artist's greatest dream is to be on the stage.

Capturing the divine

A heartbroken Swedish director stalks an eastern diva with a divine voice. In a shrewd construction of meta-film and documentary we are thrown between the triviality of the everyday and the divine. We join the film's director Susanna Edwards in her pursuit of the elusive diva Natacha Atlas as she hopes to grasp the great mystery of love.