Mantaray Film

The Choir

A​ ​film about the profound human need of union and spirituality in a secular time. We follow Sweden's most famous choir Tensta Gospel Choir during a defining period when Christian values and social engagement are set against the prospects of success and celebrity. An immersive musical experience full of emotions and strong personal life stories.

Photo: David Thunander


Production facts

Genre: Feature Documentary
Director: Amanda Pesikan
Cinematographer: Ellinor Hallin
Sound​ technician​: Anders Lindahl
Producer: Anna Weitz
Duration: Feature length + 58 min tv-version
Language: Swedish/English
Financiers & partners: The Swedish Film Institute​​/Juan Pablo Libossart, Filmbasen/Film Stockholm, SVT KSpecial, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee
Early development by Mediabruket/Lisa Wahlbom
Release: 2019/2020

Selected to Twelve for the Future 2018/2019