Mantaray Film


A documentary love story about a single mother from Sweden and a beggar from Romania who choose to defy all conventions and believe in love and a better life.



Directors: Ellen Fiske, Joanna Karlberg
Cinematographer: Ellinor Hallin
Editor: Erika Gonzales
Producer: Anna Weitz
Swedish distribution: Folkets Bio
Release: 2018/2019

Financiers and co-producers: The Swedish Film Institute/Klara Grunning, NFTF, SVT, Film i Halland, Filmbasen/Film Stockholm, Film i Uppland, Filmregion Stockholm-Mälardalen, Swedish Arts Grants Committee, YLE, NRK.


Selected for Nordisk Forum Pitch 2017

Selected for Twelve for the Future 2017/2018

Winner Tempo Pitch Award 2016