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Dare Remember

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A movie about a rape that occurred 25 years ago. Why have we never mentioned or talked about what happened? Ewa travels back to Malmö, where the assault took place. She starts talking to her friends and her family.

What do they remember about the rape and the two trials? How has what happened to her affected others? A film about living with the memories and the courage to start talking, about no longer sidestep questions about guilt, responsibility and atonement. To move ahead in life.

"It's been 25 years and there is so little I remember. I can not remember the police investigation and I can not remember the trial. I have never talked to my parents about the rape, but it is always there anyway. "

Dare Remember is an exceptionally brave documentary film that put words to what has been hushed. About meeting what you prefer to forget.

A movie about moving forward.


Director: Ewa Cederstam
Cinematographer: Martina Iverus, Mattias Högberg
Editor: Kajsa Grandell
Producer: Stina Gardell / MANTARAY FILM
Co-producer Finland: Sonja Lindén / Avanton Film

Support by SFI, Tove Torbiörnsson and The Swedish Arts Grants Committee. Also The Finnish Film Fundation, YLE, Avek, Nordisk Film & TV-fond and EU Media. In cooperation with SVT, Charlotte Hellström.