Mantaray Film

Fire, Water, Earth, Wind

The climate change documentary Fire, Water, Earth, Wind which has four leading directors attached: Janne Lindgren in Norway, Ewa Cederstam in Sweden, Rogue Rasmussen in the Faroe Islands and Phie Ambo in Denmark. 

The Danish section (“water”) has been shooting on a tiny island threatened with flooding because of climate change. Bullfrogs are beginning to thrive in the sodden new environment – but the humans are struggling and are faced with losing their homes.

“Wind” is the element for the Faroe Islands section – and the focus there will be on the increasing number of storms that the population faces. Norway is “earth”, with a look at the dangerous landslides now happening. Sweden is ‘fire,” exploring how forests are bursting into flame.

“Of course, climate change is also creating new possibilities. We are trying not to make this dystopian film about [how] all the climate change is horrible and it is doomsday. We want to have an analytical, positive way at looking at all these things that are happening, what we can do and what are the positives about it.

Having a different director in each country means that the production doesn’t have to travel – and it will therefore be possible to keep the carbon footprint down.



Directors: Phie Ambo / Håvard Bustnes / Rógvi Rasmussen / Ewa Cederstam
Productioncompany: Tambo Film, Denmark / Mantaray Film, Sweden