Mantaray Film

The Choir

The Choir is a film about a gospel choir in one of the world’s most secular countries. An immersive musical documentary that raises questions about the human need for togetherness and spirituality. In the film we follow Tensta Gospel Choir, Sweden’s most famous choir, during a defining period when Christian values and social engagement are set against the prospects of success and celebrity.


Production facts

Genre: Feature Documentary
Director: Amanda Pesikan
Cinematographer: Ellinor Hallin
Sound​ technician​: Anders Lindahl, Shuling Yong
Editor: Oskar Blondell
Producer: Anna Weitz, Stina Gardell
Duration: Feature length + 58 min tv-version
Language: Swedish/English
Financiers & partners: The Swedish Film Institute​​/Juan Pablo Libossart, Filmbasen/Film Stockholm, SVT KSpecial, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee
Early development by Mediabruket/Lisa Wahlbom
Release: 2021

Selected to Twelve for the Future 2018/2019 and to pitch at Nordisk Panorama 2019