Mantaray Film

Pär Lindström

Controller, Project manager

Pär Lindström has been controller at Mantaray Film since 2008. He has previously worked in emergency aid for various NGO projects; but ha also a background as a freelance photographer and director. He is operation manager for the non-profit organization Mantaray Impact where he also gave birth to the communication project Ögonblick att minnas - film för levande samtal, a collaborative project between scientists in cognition impairment and professional filmmakers that resulted in over 25 films for people with dementia and material for relatives and care workers in order to better communicate with people with dementia, 2017-2021, funded by Arvsfonden.

Documentary film line Biskops-Arnö 1997-1998
Bachelor of Social Anthropology 1988-1989
Economics major 1980-1982

Contact: par[a]