Mantaray Film

Transphobia (2015)

Filmmaker Nur Tutal fled with her family as a child from Kurdistan, while Rashan was cast out for being transgender. Rashan struggles on a daily basis to just be. Simply leaving the house leads to judgement, stares, hateful slurs and threats to her personal security. By comparing and contrasting the discrimination and violence Rashan experiences as a transgender woman to the Kurdish genocide, the film politicises gender in a completely novel way and highlights the contradiction of being an outcast in a persecuted minority.

Nominated Tempo Documentary Award 2015
Nominated Best New Nordic Voice Award, Nordisk Panorama 2015



Nur Tutal, based in Stockholm, has worked with short documentaries, documentary series and news reports for Swedish National Television, SVT and UR, since 1999. Her programmes have often dealt with ethnicity and cultural clashes in Sweden, France and Kurdistan. Her method involves portraying people and their stories in multi-cultural society, in a personal and empathetic way.

Iván Blanco is a Stockholm based cinematographer and director with experience since the mid-ninties. He often works abroad with news, reportage and documentaries. His work as a cinematographer includes the award-winning films Last Chapter by Peter Torbiörnsson, 2011 and He Thinks He’s the Best, by Maria Kulberg, 2011.



Production Facts

Directors: Nur Tutal and Iván Blanco.
Producer: Stina Gardell
Cinematography: Iván Blanco
Editor: Helena Fredriksson, , Margareta Lagerqvist
Composer: Magnus Jarlbo
Sounddesigner: Jan Alvermark
Production Company: Mantaray Film
Premiere: Tempo Documentary Festival, March 2015

Developed with support from EU MEDIA, Swedish Filminstitute SFI (Tove Torbiörnsson and Cecilia Lidin), Film Stockholm, Ottarfonden and The Swedish Arts Grants Committee.