Mantaray Film

I See You (2014)

A documentary about a young blind girl's journey from early teens to adulthood. She leads us through her world, that is often lined with biases and limitations of other people's notions of what a blind person can and can not do.

Her greatest wish is not to be able to see. It is to be seen by the rest of us as the person she is, and not just as blind. We follow Rena from the time she is 17 and is in her last year of high school until she leaves home. We follow her in her struggles to find herself. It is a trip we all must get through, no matter who we are, to move on from childhood. Who am I in your eyes, and who am I in my own? An intimate and powerful film about a brave girl who refuses to be a victim and who dare to break new ground.

With support from Swedish Film Institute, Norwegian Film Institute,
SVT, NRK, Innovative Culture and Fritt Ord.
Winner of the honorable Golden Fly at The Norwegian Film Festival in Volda, 2015.
Pitched at Nordisk Forum Aarhus 2011.
Pitch price of M DOX:Malmö, 2009. SVT's motivation:
"For a luminous main character and a thoughtful and fascinating idea of conformation that communicates with all our senses. With a genuine curiosity and passionate commitment, the film made a strong impression on us."
Selected to Twelve for the Future by EDN 2010.


Director: Sylvelin Måkestad
Sound: Mario Adamsson / Mikael Lund
Music: Rebekka Karijord
Editor: Stefan Sundlöf
Photo: Erik Vallsten, David Odell,
Malin Korkeasalo and Ellen Kugelberg
Producer: Stina Gardell / MANTARAY FILM
Co-producer: Skofteland Film

Release 29 September, Bio Kontrast in Leksand.

  Om regissören, Sylvelin Måkestad

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