Mantaray Film


FASHION SLAVES (BANGLA DREAM) is a documentary about three young women Ruma, Najnin and Sabina who all work for the textile industry in slum of Dhaka, Bangladesh. They started working as children and today are still just young people. They work up to sixteen hours a day in the factory to be able to support themselves and their families. We follow their tiring lives but at the same time see that they still dare to dream about the future.


Director: Masud Akhond, Nicklas Karpaty
Screenwriter: Masud Akhond
Producer: Maryam Ebrahimi
Executive producer: Stina Gardell
Cinematographer: Nicklas Karpaty
Editor during developement: Pierre Laurent
Dramaturgy consultant: Kersti Grunditz / The Flock

Financiers & partners: With developement support from Swedish Film Institute & Göteborg Stad Kultur fond.


Selected at Nordisk Panorama Pitch 2022