Mantaray Film


THE PHANTOM PAIN OF ROJAVA is a post-war story, or between war story, that takes place when the IS Caliphate has been overthrown, and the US and the West have left the region.  Abandoned by the world, today the guerrillas stand alone in the fight against both IS and Turkey. 

This documentary follows a group of injured soldairs who live together in a house for wounded in northern Syria. They continue their struggle for a feminist revolution and independent Rojava all while Turkish drones keep targeting them.


Director: Maryam Ebrahimi
Producer: Stina Gardell
Assistant Producer: Mirjam Gellhorn
Cinematographer: Guillaume Briquet, Maryam Ebrahimi
Editor: Amalie Tjellesen Westerlin
Status: Developement

Financiers & partners: MEDIA The Creative Europe program of the European Union, Swedish Film Institute, SVT/ K Special, Fritt Ord, InMaat Foundation, The Swedish Arts Grants Committee & Film Stockholm

Director Maryam Ebrahimi is 2021 Chicken & Egg Award Recipient
Selected for pitch at Nordiskt Forum 2021