Mantaray Film

Corona Film Club (working title)

When film productions stop and cinemas are closing. In this new restricted world of his, Stig Björkman spends his time going trough his rich film archive and calls his friends, film directors and actors/actresses.

Film Clips
We see clips from the films Stig talks about with his friends, and also clips from films that the participating friends have been involved in making.

If a man who has dedicated his whole life to film, who has written 7 books about it, cunducted interviews and made friends with directors, actors and actresses, cinematographers and writers all over the world, and directed 20 films himself... If he was to choose some films he’d like the whole world to see right now, which ones would they be?

Starring Isabella Rossellini, Alicia Vikander, Seamus McGarvey, Joyce Carol Oates, Tom Prior, Jørgen Leth, Domiziana Giordano, Tom Kahlin, John Sayles, Peeter Rebane, Olivier Assayas, Gregorio Graziosi with others.

Director & Scriptwriter: Stina Gardell
Editor: Amalie Westerlin Tjellesen
Director of photography: Erik Vallsten & Anders Bohman
Sound technician: Jonas Goldmann
Sound design: Brian Dyrby (Salting & Byrby)
Producer: Stina Gardell

Feature length: 75 minutes
Screening format: DCP/ProRes
Shooting format: HD