Mantaray Film

Nowhere to hide

NOWHERE TO HIDE follows a man -the medic and father Nori Sharif - through 5 yeras of dramatic change in the war-torn Diyala-province; one of the most dangerous provinces in the middle of Iraq. From the time of the American retreat to the fall of Noriäs home town, we follow him filming stories of survivors. In a world trapped between ISIS and the different Iraqi Militias, his integrity and huminitarian vision is the only thing that drives him to continue against all odds. Even when, as last man standing, he is forced to turn the camera towards himself.



Director: Zaradasht Ahmed
Writer: Zaradasht Ahmed
Producer: Mette Cheng Munthe-Kaas
Co-Producers: Hans Husum, Stina Gardell
Editor: Eva Hillström sfk
Cinematography: Nori Sharif, Zaradasht Ahmed
Production Company: Ten Thousand Images
Co-Production: Pasaremos, Mantaray Film