Mantaray Film

World Releases at GIFF

Mantaray Film presents two world premieres at GIFF:

Ninosca - The Woman and the Emigrant's song which is the third and last film in Peter Torbiörnsson's trilogy. A woman’s struggle for independence which requires her to face her past in the macho-culture of Central America.

Screenings at GIFF:
Sunday 26th January 5.30 PM at Capitol
Monday 27th January 1.45 PM at Göta 2
Tuesday 28th January 1.45 PM at Haga 1
Thursday 30th January 2.15 at Biopalatset 1

Capturing the Divine - with Natacha Atlas by Susanna Edwards, the film explores the impossible meeting between a stalker and her idol, between Susanna and Natacha Atlas.

Screenings at GIFF:
Wednesday 29th January 5.15 PM at Biopalatset 10
Thursday 30th January 1.15 PM at Biopalatset 10
Friday 31th January 1.15 PM at Biopalatset 2
Saturaday 1th February 12 PM at Haga 2

Programme and tickets: Göteborg Film Festival