Mantaray Film

Mantaray Film releases two new films during 2019!

Mantaray Film will attend the autumn presentation 2019, held at the Swedish Film Institute on August 19, presenting two of the company's upcoming films.

First out JOSEFIN & FLORIN, a love story about a single mother from Sweden and a beggar from Romania who choose to defy all conventions and invest in love and a better life. Produced by Anna Weitz and directed by Joanna Karlberg and Ellen Fiske, the latter noted for her film "Scheme birds" with which she, along with colleague Ellinor Hallin, was awarded for best documentary and the Albert Maysle's new documentary director award. Domestic theatrical release on September 20.

Secondly, SARA, a film about the life and work of Sara Lidman, directed by Gunilla Bresky and produced by Stina Gardell.


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