Mantaray Film


PASSION is an exploratory documentary in which the filmmaker Maja Borg seeks to reunderstand her Christian heritage using her experience of queer community and investigations into BDSM practice.
The film immerses us in two parallel worlds, which we have come to understand as oppositional: Chris- tianity and queer BDSM culture (B/D Bondage and Discipline, D/S Dominance and Submission and S/M Sadism and masochism).
Rather than focus on the clash and conflict between communities, we’re invited to explore and empathize with the humanity at the beating heart of both, by discovering the similarities on an emotional, and perhaps even spiritual level.
We follow the lives of four queer activists and how BDSM functions in their personal and professional practice, not only in a sexual capacity but also, a means by which to create alternative relationship structures or to break destructive relationship patterns, create meaning and community. The film aims to reflect the healing, rather than selfdestructive aspects of these practices by which it is often misunderstood.
Director: Maja Borg
Producer: Stina Gardell
Co-producers: Maja Borg and Andrea H. Catalá / Almudena Monzú for Amor y Lujo.
Cinematographer: Patriez van der Wens
Complementary DOP: Angello Accini, Imogen Heath
Dramaturgist: Åsa Mossberg
Production Designer: Ruth Paxton 
Release: 2019
Financiers and co-producers: Developed with the support of the Creative Europe Programme - MEDIA of the European Union and The Swedish Film Institute, Norrköping Filmfond and The Swedish Arts Grants Committee. Co-produced by Maja Borg and Andrea H. Catalá / Almudena Monzú for Amor y Lujo.
Pitched at The REC Film Festival 2018