Mantaray Film


Visual artist and film director Maja Borg is dealing with the aftermath of a destructive relationship, whereas having been wounded both psychologically and physically they need to find new methods of dealing with trauma and experiencing intimacy. By learning techniques from queer BDSM practice to re-establish personal boundaries, and by reopening a long forgotten Christian heritage, they adopt rituals and play to understand their own longings, forcing them to meet their own darkest places in order to move on.

Through Borg’s journey, the film presents stories of queer BDSM practitioners in three different communities. Intertwined with the Christian exploration, it investigates what “play” means to the characters in their personal, professional, and spiritual lives.

 PASSION is a film about longing, healing and belonging.

Director: Maja Borg
Producer: Stina Gardell
Co-producers: Maja Borg and Andrea H. Catalá / Almudena Monzú for Amor y Lujo.
Cinematographer: Patriez van der Wens
Complementary DOP: Angello Accini, Imogen Heath
Editor: Charlotte Landelius
Dramaturgist: Åsa Mossberg
Release: 2020
Financiers and co-producers: Developed with the support of the Creative Europe Programme - MEDIA of the European Union and The Swedish Film Institute, Norrköping Filmfond and The Swedish Arts Grants Committee. Co-produced by Maja Borg and Andrea H. Catalá / Almudena Monzú for Amor y Lujo.
Pitched at The REC Film Festival 2018