Mantaray Film

Slab City - Children of the Wild

Deep in the California Badlands lies the remains of an old artillery base. In its place, a growing settlement is clinging on to the stripped concrete slabs that the desert does its best to swallow. Through the eyes of the wild youth of Slab City we follow Kasey (10 years old) and her friends on their desert adventures. Off grid from the society, their social and moral compass is entirely based on the wild. A moving inside view of life in a place so close to hope and despair. 


Production facts

Genre: Feature Documentary
Director: Clara Tägtström
Cinematographer: Daniel Takács, Mike McMillin, Robin Asselmeyer 
Producer: Anna Weitz
Executive Producers: Steve Angello, Stina Gardell, Oliver Oftedal, Joel Rostmark
Duration: Approx. 90 min
Language: English
Financiers & partners: The Swedish Film Institute, SBG Film, Filmbasen/Film Stockholm, Ljud & Bildmedia
Release: 2020